Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance

Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance – Essentially, a vacation home is an accommodation used to stay during a holiday or vacation. And more and more people are looking to get away from crowded cities to more peaceful and quiet locations and to work remotely, the concept has a greater meaning in the world.

To make the pursuit of recreation worth while, vacation homes are equipped with facilities such as private beaches, infinity pools, beach clubs, and more. And Dubai is one of those places that is geographically surrounded by lots of beaches, sand, and all things luxury!

Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance

Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance

Pair this with luxury resort services like room service, concierge facilities, etc. and what you get is Holiday Home App Dubai. Based on the P2P rental market business model, the app has proven to be a highlight for travelers, tourists, and locals alike.

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To give you an idea of ​​the demand for vacation home applications: In the last year alone, the organized vacation rental space has grown from less than 10,000 properties in Dubai to more than 25,000 active properties.

It is a digital platform where users can rent different types of properties from one another. The user who owns the property receives additional income while the renter or tenant receives the opportunity to rent this property and save money. Meanwhile, the platform itself gets a commission to connect both parties.

The rental market platform is ripe with end-to-end functionality that is the best for all stakeholders involved. Here is a list of basic features:

It’s clear, straightforward, and easy to fill out. User can register using phone number or email ID. They also have the option to register using social media accounts.

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Users add their personal details to their profiles. Key information includes name, mobile number, email ID, and display image.

Search filters help tenants quickly find the property they are looking for. The more granular the search filter, the better the user experience on the platform.

Holiday Home App Dubai users can select prices, specific free dates, property type, number of rooms, room size, location, and more.

Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance

Owners add all the details about the property they offer for rent including pictures of the property. This allows the tenant to see all the important data about the property in question from the list.

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To improve accessibility, there is an option for users to view reviews and descriptions in readable language.

Meanwhile, for the Holiday Home App Dubai team, this means greater customer acquisition and satisfaction. That’s because more people can use the platform.

Users can make payments through multiple modes on the platform—Stripe, Dwolla, PayPal, and more. There is also an option to pay in crypto.

Users can discuss and negotiate deals on their own rental platform. Built-in secure chat options allow users to add files and photos to messages.

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Prospective tenants can ask for more details about the listing such as arrival time, number of people who can stay at one time, and so on.

The Holiday Home App Dubai team understands that no one wants to keep checking the website for new listings, messages from property owners, etc.

So, they added a notification feature that lets users know if they have a message to answer, a pending review request, or receive an order or payment approval, etc.

Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance

Both property owners and tenants can provide reviews as comments. This feature has been added to build trust between users and increase market credibility.

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This feature allows renters to navigate specific areas and find the most suitable rental property. It offers a sorting system around specific locations.

Using this control panel, property owners can always keep tabs on their accounts: the number of tenants, their personal details, the amount of payments, their income, ratings, etc.

This feature allows admins to ensure that the entire platform functions smoothly. Here they approve listings, follow up on user chats, and if necessary, even block users.

To build such an application, make sure you hire the right technology partner who understands your business needs. They must follow the established process so that there are no problems before the launch:

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It is very good if it is open for custom development because it allows you to get customized market features added to the application.

But know that when the development of a specific market takes more time, you may have to pull the strings until the budget.

However, once built, rest assured that you will receive a fully functional marketplace with all the features and architecture that best supports your business goals.

Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance

Conduct in-depth analysis of product ideas, review product requirements, and evaluate possible challenges and solutions.

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These three steps will help you better understand your product niche, customer pain points, core goals, technology stack, platform architecture, appropriate scope, product features, possible challenges or limitations, wireframes, and user journeys.

A market MVP should only include core features. But, further down the road, you need to add more features and make the app more intuitive.

At this stage, technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Django, React.js, or Node.js will be a good solution as they help build the MVP soon.

When you’re building a platform like this, it’s wise to choose a technology that’s stable & can handle large numbers of users and large business data.

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The development team has to do thorough research and use a set of tools to bring the latest features and functionality to the table. It should define an app-building strategy so that the chance of unexpected loopholes in the implementation process is reduced.

Furthermore, the strategy should be implemented fully and more carefully. Apart from that, the latest technology stack should be used so that the user experience is not discounted.

It is very important to run thorough, end-to-end quality tests to ensure that the application is free of bugs and related issues. Only after getting the green signal from the QA team, the application development team should proceed to the deployment stage.

Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance

And once an app like Holiday Home is LIVE, the team needs to ensure timely updates and maintenance to give users a seamless experience.

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While there is no limit to the number of features you can add on the platform, these are absolute musts:

The whole process should be effortless and the account is created in a few seconds. Allow users to register using email or social media accounts.

This is where users add their personal details. Add only the fields that are actually required to be filled out by the user.

Don’t forget to add basic fields like name and photo. This information will be automatically filled in if the account is created through social media.

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The owner must provide all the necessary details of the listed property and each property must have a separate listing.

If the owner does not add relevant information or the tenant/prospect does not receive important information related to the property, the platform will fail.

Add a search box at the top of the page with a larger font. Next, add as many filters as you can.

Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance

When prospective tenants rent a property using your app, they expect to find directions to the location within the app itself.

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This convenience makes them recommend the application to their peers. And finally, word-of-mouth marketing will help you attract more customers.

This helps the tenant choose the property for the available dates and avoids inconvenience for both parties.

After an available date is selected on the listing page, the owner should be able to view the tenant’s details on the booking page.

In the meantime, the tenant should be allowed to add further information and comments which will be emailed to the owner for approval.

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If a prospect does not want to lose the information in the listing and wants to rent it in the future, the item can be saved as “Favorites”.

Users must be notified of new listings, messages from owners, booking confirmations, payment approvals, or review requests to complete, etc.

After all, no one wants to keep periodically checking the app for such updates. You can use email and push notifications.

Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance

The best way for users to gauge the authenticity of the platform is by looking at the reviews and ratings given by previous renters.

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The trend of short-term rentals and accommodation has increased in the last two years and companies offer flexible working hours and work-from-home models.

And with good broadband connectivity and ever-improving infrastructure, the demand for short-term rentals is only going to increase.

Moreover, international travel has picked up pace. Because of this, the hotel industry must adapt as more travelers seek out vacation rentals due to benefits such as space, privacy, and value.

Overall, all indicators point to vacation homes and short-term rentals remaining the most popular options and taking over the market in some form.

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So, the future is bright for the makers of Holiday Home App Dubai. And for more insights on all things tech, don’t forget to follow us at Code Brew Labs!

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Temporary Accommodation Coverage: Utilizing Benefits In Uae Home Insurance

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