Role Of Women In Indian Society Essay

Role Of Women In Indian Society Essay – Status of Women in India Essay: Jawaharlal Nehru once said that the status of women can determine the value of a nation. Ancient Indian culture deprived women of equality and rights with men. As a result of their deprivation, prominent figures such as Raja Rammohan Rai and Swami Vivekananda started movements against women’s struggles with subordination and inequality.

Mahatma Gandhi inspired the revitalization of the status of women through active participation in the freedom movement. After independence, the status of women in India has gradually gained momentum.

Role Of Women In Indian Society Essay

Role Of Women In Indian Society Essay

Due to social evils like female feticide, sati system, child marriage, dowry system, the overall development of the country has declined. Real emancipation of women is possible only when people change their stereotypes towards women.

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Women are considered the soul of the society. They are self-trained and self-empowered people who are responsible for the moral and overall development of their children. They are a great inspiration to the family and a leading example to the society.

The social stratification of women in India treats them as second-class citizens of the country. This subjugation is no more cruel than the violence women face in their domestic setup. Regardless of education, class, age and culture, violence and sexual abuse against women is active in every society today.

Status Of Women In India Essay

Social stigmas dominated the society in the early era of Indian age. Even though early women were educated, they struggled with the suffering of existing social evils. However, people like Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Swami Vivekananda, Raja Ram Mohan Roy started women’s freedom movements.

Women achieved respected positions in politics and acquired skills in martial arts. Sarojini Naidu was the first Indian woman to gain territory as president of the Indian National Congress and governor of an Indian state. Since then the status of women in India has grown exponentially.

Modern India or independent India has seen many developments in the social position and status of women. Many reformers in India have worked for the improvement and upliftment of the condition of women in society.

Role Of Women In Indian Society Essay

They are aware of their privileges and rights in the country. They are academically, politically, socially and economically advanced and take active participation in various fields. Their participation is important for the country’s development, and there is still room for compliance.

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The government has put an end to social practices like child marriage, female feticide, dowry, and sati. Despite the abolition, women are still struggling for their freedom due to lack of awareness. Women cannot achieve complete freedom until the power to elevate themselves in the society is organized.

Child marriage and female feticide are still practiced in many parts of rural India, much needs to be done to improve the status of women there. To fight against these, women must raise their voices against those who dominate them. They need to fight against the social evils that prevent them.

Women are given gender equality in work and wages. They are provided with maternity leave provisions and equal opportunities under Article 16 of the Constitution of India.

Today’s era sees active participation of girls in schools and universities. Girls are equal to boys in education. Under Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, the Government of India has made education compulsory for every girl child up to the age of 14 years.

Role Of Women In India

Women occupy important positions in the field of politics like President, Prime Minister, Governor, Lok Sabha Speaker, etc. Late Indira Gandhi was the first woman Prime Minister of India, while Pratibha Patil is the first woman President of India to lead. India at its best.

In short, though not a complete change, India’s current situation sees a steady transformation of women compared to previous eras. The active participation of women in politics, military, economics, technology and other fields shows the current status of women. Thus, women occupy a higher position in their family and society.

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Role Of Women In Indian Society Essay

In countries where female deities are worshipped, women are abused in the society. Since the days of folklore, Indian womanhood has remained a pawn played by dominant figures. For example, in Ramayana and Mahabharata, both Sita and Draupadi are mistreated by incidents like ‘Agnipariksha’ and ‘Exile’.

Role Of Women In Society Essay

Through the freedom struggle, women gradually came out, breaking their shell to participate in various movements, activities and even education.

India gives home to women who have fought against social stigma and achieved success through struggle. Education and self-awareness among women greatly enhanced their progress during this period. Women in today’s world are empowered and have taken the lead for success in every field. There is no dearth of women doctors, nurses, judges, police officers, governors etc. in this era.

India has seen an increase in empowered women in high positions in various fields. For example, Indira Gandhi was the first woman Prime Minister who guided India for fourteen years and contributed greatly to domestic and foreign policies.

Education has played an important role in uplifting the status of women in India. It teaches women about their rights and creates awareness and gives them access to become independent.

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Thus, overtime women have gained equal power with men and use their rights to fight against discrimination and other social evils in the society.

The term ‘status of women’ describes their condition in relation to men. The focus of this term has led to the access and use of various resources and information.

Women in the Vedic period were given equal rights to men. However, with the beginning of the medieval period, women’s freedom was bound by stigmas such as sati, child marriage, and veiling. This slows down the status of women in India. However, the freedom struggle paved the way for women to participate and contribute to society.

Role Of Women In Indian Society Essay

Elevation of women leads to empowerment, which furthers the development of society as a whole. It raises rights concerns and increases both the quality and quantity of resources needed for growth.

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Women have evolved from the shackles of struggle and have now achieved their overall freedom. They have made great contributions in various fields, be it technology, science, sports, or academics. With the encouragement of education, women are coming at par with men, and this is India’s greatest achievement. For centuries, women have been oppressed and oppressed by male members of society. India being a patriarchal society, male dominance still leaves women without giving any importance to her decision in any kind of matter or issue. Within the four walls of the house, they are tied to household duties such as taking care of the household, doing household chores and doing all kinds of chores.

There are barriers to women’s empowerment that need to be addressed, but if the current situation is good for women’s growth and development, there is still room for improvement. Although the situation has changed in the urban areas, women still face challenges in rural and rural areas of India.

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7) Female literacy rate in India is 65.5% which is much lower than male literacy rate i.e. 82%.

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4) There are many barriers to women empowerment that bind women to the four walls of the home.

10) They have become a helping hand for men inside and outside the home and are working equally as their male counterparts.

11) If we talk about the Indian society, it is a patriarchal society which has been oppressing and oppressing women for centuries.

Role Of Women In Indian Society Essay

12) The culture and tradition of the society does not allow women to be free from the will and desires of men.

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13) Customs and traditions of India expect women to perform household duties and be responsible to their families.

14) Female feticide, where a daughter is killed before birth in the mother’s womb, is also a major obstacle to women’s empowerment.

15) Another barrier to women empowerment is family responsibilities where women have duties.

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