What Degree Does An Athletic Trainer Need

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A degree in athletic training can help you find many health care jobs. Athletic training professionals work in all industries, from education to medicine. But how can a degree help you start your career as an athletic trainer? If you’re wondering what education is required to become an athletic trainer or what type of athletic training you need to get the job, read on. In this article, we discuss the different majors in athletic training and the best level of athletic trainer. We talk about state requirements for athletic trainers and what athletic training degree will help you get a job.

What Degree Does An Athletic Trainer Need

What Degree Does An Athletic Trainer Need

What do athletic trainers do? What athletic trainers do at work depends on their role and where they work. Some athletic trainers get a degree in athletic training and become an athletic trainer at a rehabilitation or training center. They work with athletes and people who want to improve their health. On a typical day, athletic trainers provide athletic training services. What are these services? They include:

What Can You Do With A Master’s In Athletic Training?

Most athletic trainers work with people of all ages and abilities. They work with high school students who want to improve strength and endurance. They work with professional athletes looking to change their performance game. Some athletic trainers work under the supervision of a licensed physician or physical therapist. Others work with medical professionals in doctors’ offices and rehabilitation centers. There are athletic trainers who work in gyms. Their mission is to provide a sports training program for the client who wants to lose weight or improve strength and flexibility. Careers for Athletic Trainers Most athletic trainers work to:

The work is done by hand. They meet with their clients regularly to help them run an athletic training program. Most athletic trainers report to managers. They meet with coaches, other coaches, or the athletic director. While most jobs involve working with clients, athletic trainers do some administrative work. This includes writing reports and keeping records. Those who work in gyms and other rehabilitation facilities manage budgets and help with organizational policies. Where Athletic Trainers Work We picture athletic trainers in gyms, helping individuals improve their strength and endurance. We see them on TV encouraging people to lose weight. But the truth is that sports coaches can work in many different industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 42% of athletic trainers work in local, state, and private educational organizations such as:

A high school athletic trainer works with athletic teams. They assist coaches and teach exercise science to student athletes. 20% of athletic trainers work in hospitals. Work includes recovery and injury prevention. Hospital athletic trainers work as part of the medical team. They provide post-operative patient care. They also offer sports training programs. The BLS reports that 11% of athletic trainers work in medical, physical, and speech therapy offices. In the professional system, sports trainers offer rehabilitation programs to patients with acute or chronic conditions. They work with patients of all ages, from children to adults. They also meet professional players. About 6% of sports coaches work for fitness and recreational sports clubs. They engage in fitness-related activities such as personal training. They teach classes and help clients reach their health goals. About 2% of athletic trainers are self-employed. You Can Become an Athletic Trainer There are different ways to become an athletic trainer. To enter this profession, athletic training professionals need at least a four-year degree. A master’s degree is also common. Most states require athletic trainers to be licensed or certified to practice athletic training. But requirements vary from country to country. So, what degree do you need to become an athletic trainer? Read on to find out about athletic trainer education. Best Athletic Trainer Degree Programs Athletic trainer scholarships vary. But in today’s job market, most athletic trainers have a bachelor’s degree. Some athletic trainers enter the workforce after receiving a four-year degree, while others continue their education in athletic training. Some aspiring athletic trainers earn a master’s degree. Whatever degree you choose, you need it from an accredited program. Degrees from unaccredited programs are not valued by employers. To work as an athletic trainer, you must obtain a degree approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Top Athletic Trainers Not all colleges offer great athletic training. But there are other majors you can choose that will help you in your career. The most common majors include: Athletic training Athletic training degrees are among the most popular programs for certified athletic trainers. Athletic training students combine their love of sports medicine with exercise science. He covers topics such as:

Exercise science What degree do you need to become an athletic trainer? Exercise science is a popular choice. This is important to help you gain strength and health information to share with others. Learn how runners can improve performance and endurance. You also learn how to maintain healthy habits. Health and Human Services This major teaches you how to provide health and human services to a diverse population. You learn how to improve physical and mental health. You also learn how to meet the social needs of families and individuals. It’s a great help for athletic training professionals. Health facilities services management Thinking about getting into athletic training leadership? Getting more from HRSA can help. This major teaches you how to manage the day-to-day operations of a healthcare facility. The program includes business, medical, and management topics. It is useful in sports training for students who want to work in sports medicine. Kinesiology Another popular major for student athletes is kinesiology. This major focuses on the study of physical activity and how physical activity affects health. The main focus is on health sciences. It can lead to many different careers, although many athletic trainers who study kinesiology earn a master’s degree. Sports medicine Majors in sports medicine provide information in various areas of the health sciences. Mainly it teaches you about physiology and biomechanics. He takes courses in kinesiology and studies exercise therapy. Because of the topics covered, it is ideal for those aspiring to become certified athletic trainers. Athletic Trainer Licenses and Certifications Most states require athletic trainers to hold a license or certification. The Board of Athletic Trainer Certification (BOC) offers a standardized certification exam that licenses athletic trainers. To become certified as an athletic trainer you must pass an accredited athletic training program. BOC is looking for sports coaches who wish to obtain a CAATE-accredited degree. Once you have your degree, you can take the BOC exam. And once you pass the exam, you can qualify for a job as an athletic trainer working with professional sports teams and doing all the things that involve training athletes. Skills and Qualities of Successful Athletic Trainers The best athletic trainers have certain qualities and skills that help them succeed at work. Read on to find out what makes a good athletic trainer.

Athletic Training (ms)/exercise Science (bs) Dual Degree Program

Frequently Asked Questions Here are some frequently asked questions about athletic training programs and more. How long does it take to become an athletic trainer? Being an athletic trainer takes time. It’s not an overnight trip. Certified athletic training programs last four to six years. You need at least a bachelor’s degree, which means you will spend four years in college if you have no college experience. If you have previous college credits, they can be transferred. Some students with an associate’s degree from a community college cut time off from school by transferring credits. Your credits must be from an accredited college. If you transfer your credits, you can complete your bachelor’s degree in 18-24 months. How Much Money Can an Athletic Trainer Make? According to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, athletic trainers earn $48,420 per year. The bottom 10% of athletic trainers earned $36,960. But the top 10% earn more than $76,000/year. Where you work is important in terms of pay. Some businesses offer high salaries to athletic trainers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the top four occupations for this occupation. In these industries, sports coaches earn the highest salary.

Geography also affects your salary as an athletic trainer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the top five states where athletic trainers can earn above average salaries. These states and average salaries for athletic trainers are as follows:

What is the Job Description of an Athletic Trainer? The career outlook for athletic trainers is impressive. The BLS projects job growth of 17% between now and 2031. Since the average growth rate for all careers is 8%, the future looks bright for aspiring athletic trainers. What will drive job growth in this industry? There are many things. The economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, we can expect

What Degree Does An Athletic Trainer Need

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