Trading Forex With The Relative Vigor Index (rvi)

Trading Forex With The Relative Vigor Index (rvi) – Article about RVI appeared in the S&C magazine in January 2002, and the credibility was provided by the author John Ehlers – the best expert in the use of cycles in technical analysis.

So let’s begin and we will find out what a trader needs to know about an average “weight” or assessment of “happiness” of the market.

Trading Forex With The Relative Vigor Index (rvi)

Trading Forex With The Relative Vigor Index (rvi)

«Optimism» or «cheerfulness» of the current direction is estimated by the estimate of the price after closing of the period of calculation.

Relative Vigor Index (rvi) Trendline Indicator

The classic trend assumes that in growth periods each subsequent closing price of the period must be higher than the previous one, in the periods of the bear market, respectively, a closing price should be (consistently!) lower.

A main task of the indicator – to show and evaluate the dominating tendency, and also to reveal the periods of the “hidden” or “unreliable” trend. (See compliments to the RVI indicator).

This is especially important in assessing the dynamics of correlating assets, in addition, the relative strength index confidently shows all situations of divergences.

The basic principle of calculation of RVI is similar to normal stochastic, however, the index of «gay» compares Рrice close with Price Open, but not with the minimum price for the period. The base line of the indicator shows the actual price change, normalized to the maximum range for the period:

Fractal Indicator: Definition, What It Signals, And How To Trade

The baseline, except for it, adds a signal line – a symmetrically weighted smoothed average of RVI values ​​with a period of 4.

The relative force index indicator has only one parameter – the number of bars for calculation and standard settings of the color scheme. Visually the indicator has an appearance, usual for the oscillator: a reference and signal line in an additional window under a price chart.

The increase in the settlement time allows you to monitor the medium-term trend, small values ​​(up to 10) – are strictly not recommended.

Trading Forex With The Relative Vigor Index (rvi)

Experiments with settings should be done carefully. Reduction of the number of bars for calculation will provide the load of “false” signals, a sharp increase – causes the chronic delay even on the big periods.

Understanding Market Gap And Slippage

The author of Relative Vigor Index believes that the fast line analyzes the trend and equilibrium of the market for periods of less than one hour, the long one – from H1 to W1.

The basic direction is determined by the main (green or blue) line indicator: while it is above the red line – the trend is up, the long trades are in priority, while it moves below the red – the trend is down – you should Only sell (see more).

However, we draw your attention to the fact that potential situations for the trades arise only after the fact of lines crossing.

When the indicator is flat – the mutual movement of lines in the horizontal direction – does not count as a trading signal.

Relative Vigor Index (rvi): Definition, Formula, Uses In Trading

We open the transaction after the fast RVI line crosses the red (slow) line from the bottom up – buyers prevail on the market. Stop loss is placed below the last local min.

We open the transaction after the fast RVI line crosses the slow line from top to bottom – sellers prevail on the market. Stop Loss – above the last local max.

Indirect trading signals arise after the analysis of the behavior of the indicator of the entire central (zero) line: growth is higher than zero level – in the market strong ascending trend; Steady Falling – Descending trend.

Trading Forex With The Relative Vigor Index (rvi)

Analysis of the indicator with various parameters allows you to clarify and confirm the entry point to the market, as well as monitor open transactions.

Mengenal Indikator Relative Vigor Index (rvi)

Traditionally, the market signal of a reversal is considered to be the divergence of the dynamics of the RVI oscillator with the direction of price movement. The leading effect is strong enough, and the indicator shows even the smallest variants. (See Using Graphic Tools).

The goals of this indicator – show the strongest trend, but as with any oscillator, RVI works much more efficiently complemented by the additional indicators (see using indicators).

We know that moving averages always reduce delay, for this reason, RVI (100) is successfully applied in the popular strategy «A new method of Sidius».

The RVI indicator is constantly looking for a point, or rather, an equilibrium line, and therefore its signals allow you to trade even in flat periods, of course, if the price range is wide enough.

Optimalkan Trading Dengan Indikator Relative Vigor Index (rvi)

On the RVI indicator, there are no normal levels of overbought / oversold, so any attempts to treat the dynamics of RVI according to the usual scheme of stotastic or RSI are wrong.

Divergence signals are strong, but on RVI they appear long before a real turn. Therefore, you should not rush to close transactions, as long as there are still no signals from additional indicators.

Using the RVI together with other oscillators or indicators of volume is ineffective, but confirmation of its signals through the trend indicators – is mandatory.

Trading Forex With The Relative Vigor Index (rvi)

After all the sides of the indicator are revealed, it is the right time for you to try it or it will become your #1 tool for trading.

How To Use The Relative Vigor Index Indicator

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Relative Vigor Index — Indicator By Profitprogrammers — Tradingview

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Trading Forex With The Relative Vigor Index (rvi)

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Trading Forex With The Relative Vigor Index (rvi)

If you need a refund, please visit this link, fill out the feedback form and press the “Send Request” button, then our system will process your request and your money will be returned within a few business days. ) is a momentum indicator used in technical analysis that measures the strength of a trend by comparing a security’s closing price to its trading range while smoothing the results with a simple moving average (SMA).

How To Use The Force Index In A Trading Strategy

The usefulness of the RVI is based on the observed tendency for prices to close higher than they open during uptrends, and to close lower than they open in downtrends.

Numerator = a + (2 × b) + (2 × c) + d 6 Denominator = e + (2 × f) + (2 × g) + h 6 RVI = SMAofNUMERATOR for N periods SMAofDenominator for N periods Signalline = RVI + (2 × i) + (2 × j) + c 6 where: a = Close − Open b = Close − OpenOneBarPriorto a c = Close − OpenOneBarPriorto b d = Close − OpenOneBarPriorto c e = High − LowofBar a f = High − LowofBar b g = High = High − LowofBar d i = RVIValueOneBarPrior j = RVIValueOneBarPriorto i k = RVIValueOneBarPriorto j N = minutes / hours / days / weeks / months begin & text = frac \ [7 pt] & text = pt] text=frac }}\[7pt] &qquadtext=frac+(2times i)+(2times j)+k}\[7pt] &textbf\ &a = text -text\ &b=text-texta\ &c =text-textb\ &d =text-textc\ &e =text-texta\ &f =text-textb\ &g =text- text\ &h =text-text\ &i = text\ &j = texti\ &k = textj\ &N = text end NUMERATOR = 6a + (2 × b) + (2 × c) + d denominator = 6 e

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