The Role Of Media In Society Essay

The Role Of Media In Society Essay – The advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Whatsapp has improved the interaction and communication among people, social media platforms are not only embraced by the youth, they are accepted by all age groups. and its importance is further encouraged. by integrating social media into the corporate world and the political world. The increase in the use of social media platforms itself brings negative effects on the economic, health and social order of society. Social media is undeniably an essential communication tool in modern communication. The impact of social media on the business, personal and entertainment scenes cannot be understated; Social media has revolutionized communication and interaction between people with common interests. This essay will explain more about the negative effects that the use of social media brings to society. The use of social media has a negative effect on society that has more effects than the positive effects brought about by its use.

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The Role Of Media In Society Essay

The Role Of Media In Society Essay

Interactions and communications on social media accounts have led to an increase in negative social issues and criminal activities spread through the free use of social media platforms. The use of social media platforms involves sharing sensitive private information accessed by other users can be used for various negative purposes Social media allows the creation of pseudo accounts that people can use to intimidate, threaten or send inappropriate information to other people. In addition, cyberbullying has become more prevalent due to the lack of legislation to regulate the behavior of social media users. The anonymity that can be achieved on a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is a social threat to the personal space and peace of other users if it is used negatively for illegal activities such as blackmailing and cyberbullying. (Whittaker et al, 2015). Blackmailing and cyberbullying can result in depression and suicidal tendencies if the victims of these cyber-crimes do not receive psychological and legal reprieve. The use of social media should be regulated to protect innocent users from cyber bullies and internet blackmailers.

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Using social media is addictive. Addiction to social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp poses health risks to users. Some users spend hours every day enjoying their Facebook chats and other social media activities such as posting and viewing videos and pictures on Instagram. Addiction to social media can cause laziness, poor relationships with family members and friends, lack of sleep and obesity as a result of lack or insufficient exercise because most of the user’s time is spent on the internet. The health risks associated with the use of social media is a concern that should be given importance as more people sign up for different social media platforms. Lack of sleep results in emotional instability, loss of concentration at school and work which can reduce a user’s performance in school work and work productivity. Obesity which is a health issue that can arise due to lack of exercise resulting from less time spent on physical activities can cause heart diseases and death if not controlled.

The use of social media can reduce the productivity of employees because most of them who are signed up on a social media platform like Facebook and WhatsApp are using the time and office hours that they need to be productive in different workplaces. -participate in activities on various social media platforms. The distractions offered by social media platforms reduce the productivity of employees and encourage indulgence in activities that damage employee relations and reduce workplace productivity due to disruptive employee fights.

The growth of social media has increased the amount of private information shared online. Most users of these interactive platforms expect privacy and confidentiality agreements regarding their shared information to be followed, but this is not the case in most cases, and private information is sometimes shared by institutions in government or other third parties. Personal information ranging from location to a person’s interests can be collected from analyzing a user’s social media account activity.

The sharing of information by users on social media can be due to various reasons from security reasons to business perspective. Social media companies may provide private data to the government resulting in an invasion of a user’s privacy or third party companies such as in the case of Facebook giving Cambridge Analytica access to private user data, which is analyzed for business and advertising purposes against privacy terms and conditions. agreed between users and Facebook (Dehaye, 2017).

Pdf) Social Media Use And Civil Society: From Everyday Information Behaviours To Clickable Solidarity

The use of social media can result in hacking where unauthorized parties can access personal or organizational data. A user’s personal information such as private photos and passwords can be hacked and used for various illegal activities such as blackmail or to destroy a person’s reputation. Uploading sensitive and private information is a common occurrence; it is dangerous because information can be accessed and published publicly resulting in bad publicity or even the end of a career. Social media can also be used to spread hate speech and social incitement. The ease of access and many users of social media services is a threat to security that race, gender or other forms of discrimination may arise from the use of social media services.

Using social media gives users a false sense of connection. Internet friends and social media status have replaced reality, and most users have abandoned their real personal conversations and face-to-face interactions for Facebook chats and many other social media follows, pouring their time into nurturing these relationships on the internet rather than time spent talking to people physically. or engaging in participatory physical activities with real people. A false sense of connection can damage a user’s psychological stability and self-esteem when there is a sudden loss of their social media status (Andreassen et al 2017).

Rejecting social media can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts because most social media users value acceptance and the positive effect of having many followers, appreciative comments and thousands of likes on their posts. post, failure to be noticed and appreciated can result in depression that negatively affects their relationships with other people or even the level of concentration and productivity in their workplaces. The use of social media can result in low self-esteem when a user compares their lifestyle with other users, the differences in wealth, clothing and lifestyle in general on the social media platform can be leads to overthinking and low confidence.

The Role Of Media In Society Essay

Although the development and proliferation of social media has increased the occurrence of bad behavior such as cyberbullying, hacking and spreading fake information, the importance of social media in business, politics and personal interactions cannot be denied. a requirement to improve interactions, relationships, dissemination of information. Social media enhances the interaction and development of relationships between people by creating online friends and online communities where people with common interests can share and exchange communication. The interaction is improved through the use of social between the business organization and customers, politicians and constituents. Social media has also enabled citizens to easily interact with government institutions through various social media management, which is easier and faster, compared to the bureaucratic processes of physically visiting government offices. .

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Social media has also improved education and democratic space in society. The ease of access to social media services such as YouTube has availed informative, educational content to users who may not have been able to access it due to financial or physical inaccessibility. Social media platforms are able to share lecture videos, experimental videos in various fields that are more useful to students around the world who lack the resources to conduct these experiments or attend lectures. Democracy is also enhanced by the growth in the use of social media because more people can express themselves more openly and have their voices heard (Halpern et al 2013). The democratic space is also enhanced through online activism that occurs through the use of social media.

The impact of using social media has been proven in various sectors of society from business, personal to politics. Social media is a necessity in the modern world. The benefits resulting from the use of social media are many, but if not checked, the use of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media platforms has the ability to break the social and moral fabric of society, leaving relationships which is not good, health complications of users and less. productivity as a result of procrastination.

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