Td Jakes Before You Say I Do

Td Jakes Before You Say I Do – In From the Cross to Pentecost, Bishop T. D. Jakes gives a beautiful description of the “Great Love Story” that was told—the love story between God and man. For those who have questioned the relevance of the life of Jesus Christ, his death on the cross, and his resurrection from the dead, this book can answer those questions once and for all.

As a theologian and a good witness of the Bible, the bishop shines a light on how the evil Fall of man prevented access to the tree of life, but how the God gave us the way to eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, and opened the way to receive the abundant life of God through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

Td Jakes Before You Say I Do

Td Jakes Before You Say I Do

You will be glad to know that God’s gift of the Holy Spirit not only gives us power but also anoints us as His witnesses. God has glorious things for all of us who believe and receive. A relationship with the Holy Spirit empowers us to work with joy!

T. D. Jakes

I hear people asking questions today: “What is the significance of the Cross of Jesus Christ? Why does it matter to me that Christ died on the Cross more than two thousand years ago? How does his cross add value to my life and the person I am and the person I want to be? What difference does it make when Jesus rose? like death? Even if He did it, I’ll go to work tomorrow as I did. It won’t make a difference to me or my family, my attitudes or my life every day. So why should I consider the so-called Good News”

Maybe there’s a question you’ve asked yourself or someone else and haven’t gotten an answer you thought would be helpful. If this is the case, I would like to answer your question in full, but not in the way you expect. I can tell you that the Cross of Christ is the backbone of all world history, and without a shadow of a doubt that the greatest event in history is the foundation of your relationship with God We have created a holiday to honor and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus—and I believe the basis for this holiday is true. But to start there is to try to present the solution before you understand the problem. If all you have heard is a list of things that people have thought of as medicine, it would be great for me, or anyone else, to first point to the power of the Cross and the resurrection of Jesus to understand. until you face the problem of the whole world—the decay and destruction of the human spirit, including me and you and everyone—the answer is no.

No one is looking for answers if there are no questions. No one is looking for a solution if they are not sure they have a problem. I know this to be true in my life. Until I saw the true nature of my heart, the Cross was simply unknown. But in the search for who I really am, in finding myself, I found my soul crying out for answers.

So before I focus on the results of the Cross, let me shine a light on the problem that brought us to where we need the Cross in the first place.

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Understanding why and how the Cross of Christ can make a difference in our lives begins with understanding who God is.

One of the first things we need to understand is that our God is eternal, He is an eternal God who has no beginning or end of days. King David said, “You are God forever and ever.” (Psalm 90:2). He reigns in eternity, which is eternal—no day, no week, no hour, no second. God still exists in eternity.

Before God created man, the Bible says that he created the earth, and through a divine act, he began to fill the earth with good things. There is a principle of life here that I don’t want you to miss: When God creates something, he will fill it. It is as true for your life today as it was in His first creation. You don’t have to worry about filling your life, because when God creates something, He will fill it.

Td Jakes Before You Say I Do

The concept of time requires you to stretch your mind, but think of time as a space between two worlds—the future and the past. Thomas Carlyle said, “One life—a small glimmer of time between two eternities.” People are placed in a time frame, for a single time, a gap, a gap between the future and the past.

Are You Ready

If we begin to understand that all the business activities and interactions we have in this world are just moments in the eternal connection, our perspective on things will change. all over the world. If we know that we are eternal, and that we will live somewhere forever – even if we cannot define the eternal world to the satisfaction of a metaphysician – we will wonder and change in the wonder of the meaning of life.

We don’t need to be theologians to understand that we are eternal. Science tells us that everything is eternal and exists in one form or another. It confirms what the Bible affirms: “When I formed you in the womb, I knew you; As soon as you came out of the womb, I have sanctified you, I have appointed you as a prophet to the Gentiles.” (Jeremiah 1:5). That’s what God said to Jeremiah: “Before you came, I took you. I have prepared before you. I have prepared before you. I designed you to be who you are and where you are in this window of time.

God is amazing! God is amazing! God is amazing! He is the force and purpose. He is the combination of strength and intellect. He is a strategist and has a plan for everything, including our lives. What I love about Him is not only that He is powerful—our God is a thinking God, a logos God, a God of understanding, and He has a plan. I’m happy, because sometimes I don’t have a plan; and when I have a plan, my plan often goes wrong. But it helps me to understand that no matter how chaotic and crazy my life seems, God has a plan for my life. According to Romans 8:28, I can be sure that “all things work together for good for those who love God, for those who have been called according to his purpose .”

Female readers are now saying, “Wait a minute. You left us!” No, I’m not! You’re in Adam.

Making Great Decisions Reflections: For A Life Without Limits: Jakes, T.d.: 9781416547532: Books

We must also know that God is good and sovereign. It means that God has the ultimate power, and through his goodness and mercy, he chose to be a good person because He is good. There is no need for anyone to police God or protect Him. He just chooses to be good. And through his goodness and his sovereignty, God decided, as the last act of creation, to create man. So, man is the most important part of his creation.

We also need to understand that God is a loving God, and out of the depth of his love, He created a person to love. The greatest love story we will ever read is in the book of Genesis and Revelation, because God created a treasure of love. Basically, He said, “I want something to be loved” and He made it eternal and put it under time. He picked up a piece of dirt and began to mold and make a man in his likeness, in his likeness, so that he would have someone to love.

If you believe that this is true, you will understand that we are more interested in worshiping God. God is not interested in religion; He wants a relationship. Worship only makes sense when it enhances relationships, it doesn’t always happen. Religion is often a hindrance to relationships. The Bible is full of many believers who do not have a relationship with God. Sometimes, we are so worried about our thoughts and teachings and religious principles, we don’t understand that the most important thing is “and in the life of the it is the same relationship with God. It is from our original relationship with God that He has given us the blessing to develop good relationships with our spouse, our families, our friends, and others. many people.

Td Jakes Before You Say I Do

It begins with a relationship with God—the foundation of our lives upon which everything must be built. If we try to build on some of these relationships, we are building on sand, because

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