Insurance Claim For Water Damage To Kitchen

Insurance Claim For Water Damage To Kitchen – Have you had an appliance leak or flood in your home and your insurance claim was denied?

In most homes, water damage is caused by failing pipes or appliances. Bills for this type of property damage can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Historically, only about 8% of indoor water damage claims are due to weather-related events. Approximately 30% of homeowners insurance claims are due to appliance failures, while the remaining 62% are typically related to hose or pipe breaks. The general rule for homeowners insurance claims related to water leaks or flooding is that the insurance policy covers explosions or sudden breaks in the line that cause damage.

Insurance Claim For Water Damage To Kitchen

Insurance Claim For Water Damage To Kitchen

On February 4, 2019, a client of ours was at home enjoying her evening when suddenly the sound of running water called her to the kitchen. The water line to the refrigerator’s ice maker had broken and was spewing water everywhere. The water pipe had to be turned off to stop the torrent of water. In the span of a few minutes, the kitchen cabinets, floor, baseboards and trim were soaked. In the following hours, many of these same materials began to swell from the absorption of water. The leak was so bad that water leaked out of the kitchen area and into the adjacent dining room, also warping and distorting the laminate floor.

Water Damage Statistics (2023)

Once the water began to dry up, our client contacted her insurance company, ASI Progressive, and filed a home insurance claim with them. The insurance company responded by sending an adjuster who was replaced by another adjuster who was replaced (once again) by another adjuster. This third adjuster concluded that the damage was minimal and instructed her to go to her local large hardware store and purchase mismatched replacement cabinets, flooring, and trim. The insurance company offered to pay for half of the kitchen cabinets that didn’t match.

Without a functional kitchen and dining room, expenses really started to pile up for our client. The bleak outlook forced our client to hire us to represent her against ASI. Upon hiring us, we discovered the mishandling of our client’s claim and fought ASI for their gross underpayment of our client’s homeowners insurance claim.

A demand letter from us was drafted and mailed to API Progressive. Seeing that our intentions were to go to the last dollar owed to our client, the insurance company settled with us, out of court, for 5 times the initial amount offered to our client. With the funds in hand, our client was able to make necessary repairs to his home and now enjoys cooking and entertaining at her home, as she did before the loss. This case was resolved within 45 days after ASI received our demand letter.

Has your home insurance claim been denied? We can help. Representing thousands of homeowners against large insurance companies, our home insurance claims attorneys aggressively protect policyholder rights. Our consultations are free and you don’t owe us anything until we win your case. Contact us today.

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Insurance Claim For Water Damage To Kitchen

First of all, you should know that there are specific companies that can help you throughout the process: disaster relief companies, whose job is not only to clean up the damage but also to gather evidence, work with insurance, fight to get the money of your claims, and some can even help you rebuild.

How To Help Avoid Water Damage In Your Kitchen

Dealing with a disaster – and the insurance company – is a process. There is a certain order that must be followed before you can move on to the next step, evidence that must be gathered, people you will meet, etc. Below is an overview of what you will experience in a disaster insurance claim.

If you experience a disaster in your home, the first thing you should do is respond to any emergency. This may include:

Your first thoughts may be about your home and possessions, but those things can wait. Respond first to all emergencies.

Once the emergency is under control, it’s time to step back and evaluate the overall situation, but safety remains your primary concern. DO NOT re-enter your home if it is unsafe to do so; Find a place to stay and return when it is safe to do this step.

Ways To Mitigate Losses From Water Damage

When assessing the damage, you just want to have a general idea of ​​what happened and what has been damaged. The disaster relief company and its insurance will conduct a more thorough assessment of the damage later. However, some initial observations will help you better communicate what happened to the disaster relief company.

A quick assessment will help you understand what you’re facing and better communicate it to the disaster relief company in the next step.

When assessing the damage, you can take photos that are helpful in proving your disaster and getting your claim money, but the disaster relief team will also take plenty of photos of the damage and the cleanup process, so if you don’t Do you have a camera. or phone at hand, that’s fine too.

Insurance Claim For Water Damage To Kitchen

When assessing the damage DO NOT begin cleaning. One mistake homeowners make is that they often start cleaning up the mess; For example, they may vacuum up stagnant water, thinking they are helping to improve the situation. However, the insurance company needs detailed, documented evidence of the disaster itself, so cleaning up without documenting proper evidence can hurt your claim (or even get it denied).

Claiming For A Water Damage Repair After A Leak Or Burst Pipe?

Homeowners often call their insurance immediately when a disaster strikes. While it’s important to call insurance in a timely manner, there are some good reasons why it makes more sense to call your local damage or disaster company first.

For one thing, in some cases you may decide not to use your insurance, and how will you know until someone assesses the damage? Some insurance has high deductibles, and if the damage is less than that amount, it makes sense to avoid a claim on your record. If you have filed claims in the past, you may also be worried about your rate increasing or, worse yet, your policy being canceled. Again, your disaster relief company can assess the damage and advise you whether you should move forward with insurance.

Another reason to call a disaster relief company first is that they will take care of everything for you. After you receive the initial evaluation and advice on whether you should use your insurance, pretty much all you will have to do is file the claim. From there, the disaster relief company will clean up the mess, gather evidence, get estimates, deal with the insurance adjuster, negotiate to get you the most claim money, and help you rebuild, restore or improve your property. home later. Calling the disaster relief company first is an ideal way to take the stress off your shoulders in this difficult situation.

A final, and perhaps most important, reason to call your local damage/disaster company first is that the insurance company will try to pressure you into using their “preferred provider.” By law, you have the right to choose your own disaster relief. company! However, insurance will try to pressure you into choosing one of their selected providers, and it is generally not in your best interest to choose them. This is why:

What You Need To Know About Renters Insurance And Water Damage

You have the right to research and choose the disaster relief company YOU think is best. To find a disaster relief company, you can Google “restoration company” and then your location (city or county). You can also search for your specific disaster, for example, “water damage company” and then your location.

Your disaster relief team must quickly arrive at your location; For example, New Life Restoration serves a 100-mile radius of our office and we strive to be at your home within 90 minutes, depending on how far away you are.

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