Home Insurance For Renters In Japan: How To Claim For Damages

Home Insurance For Renters In Japan: How To Claim For Damages – If you are a foreigner living in Japan, you may face challenges due to culture shock, language barriers, and just plain cross-cultural misunderstandings. But beyond these obvious everyday experiences, foreigners may also have to overcome hurdles in times of stress or disaster. What do you do if you own or rent a property in Japan and something goes wrong? While it’s best to prepare for appropriate insurance in advance as you would in your own country, it can be difficult to find and purchase home insurance in Japan, even if you speak Japanese well. Luckily, we’re here to help.

This handy guide not only explains the basic insurance coverage and costs of a typical Japanese home or rental property insurance policy, but also includes a list of English-speaking insurance agencies in Tokyo to help you make the best possible decisions during your stay.

Home Insurance For Renters In Japan: How To Claim For Damages

Home Insurance For Renters In Japan: How To Claim For Damages

If you rent or own a home or business in Japan, you will need fire insurance. In fact, many apartments require fire insurance in the rental agreement.

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Simply put, fire insurance covers your valuable possessions in case of damage caused by fire, smoke, etc. However, the good news is that your plan will typically also cover other damage caused by events as common as:

The average fire insurance in Japan costs between 20,000 and 40,000 yen for two years, with the price going slightly higher depending on what other options you add. Of course, you should ask your insurance company about the exact prices as well as possible additions to your plan.

Designed to keep your possessions safe. The cost of your policy is determined based on your valuables. This number is set in broad groupings with coverage limits, rather than as an itemized plan that is more commonly available in other countries

This covers accidents that cause damage to the interior of the home or even to your neighbor’s units. Things like an overflowing bathtub, a gas fire, someone forgetting the pan full of potatoes on the stove, or other mishaps.

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This very helpful part of the Japanese insurance plan covers you in case someone’s property is damaged or someone is injured due to an accident involving you or negligence on your part. For example, if you are in a bicycle accident and hit someone on the road, this part of your insurance will cover medical expenses and property damage for the other person involved.

Please note that some companies offer insurance to their international employees living in Japan on fixed-term contracts. You should confirm whether this is the case for you and ask for details about what is included in your cover. You may still want to purchase Japanese fire insurance to ensure you are covered for household emergencies and accidents.

Although it may seem that earthquakes should be part of this coverage, in reality, regular fire insurance in Japan does not cover natural disasters. Fortunately, there is an additional insurance option, aptly named earthquake insurance, that can provide relief in such dangerous situations.

Home Insurance For Renters In Japan: How To Claim For Damages

As you probably already know, living in Japan means preparing for earthquakes. However, Japanese insurance policies stipulate that fire insurance does not cover damage caused by earthquakes, including fire-related damage that may spread as a result of an earthquake. Therefore, it is important to add additional earthquake coverage to your policy. Please note that you can only get this coverage as an add-on as it is not sold as a standalone product. Guide to Earthquake Insurance in Japan: A Simple Question and Answer

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According to Japan’s Ministry of Finance, earthquake insurance fees vary in each prefecture, with the minimum cost being about 6,500 yen and the maximum cost being about 32,600 yen per year. More details can be found on their website.

Earthquake insurance only applies to earthquake disasters. It covers the loss of your personal belongings (including household goods) and property damage caused by fire, destruction, landslides and debris or water damage as a result of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

Please note that your additional earthquake protection does not cover precious metals, jewelry and antiques with a value of more than 300,000 yen per item or per set, currency, securities, deposits and savings certificates, tax stamps, postage stamps or cars.

If you rent or own property in Japan, selecting, obtaining and maintaining insurance to cover the cost of damage, loss, liability, and earthquake and disaster damage is critical to your safety and peace of mind.

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While we understand that some choose to purchase insurance from companies outside of Japan, we want to help you make the best insurance decisions for you and your family in the country you will be calling home for the next few months or years .

To this end, we have compiled a short list of English-speaking insurance companies that can offer comprehensive insurance advice, provide an estimate and help you submit all the necessary documents. They give you a clear overview of your policy and all associated costs, so you can feel comfortable and confident when choosing insurance coverage.

In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll cover the different types of insurance offered to homeowners in Japan and give you the information you need to choose the right insurance to suit your needs.

Home Insurance For Renters In Japan: How To Claim For Damages

Located a 5-minute walk from Shinsen Station and a few minutes’ walk from Shibuya Station, the hotel offers convenient commuting to work and school. Located in a quiet residential area, this designer apartment features a structural design with beautiful curved lines. With a grocery store and a supermarket nearby, the location is pleasant for living. The apartment offers units ranging from 2LDK to 3LDK to cover a wide range of lifestyles, along with various amenities such as underfloor heating and bathroom dryers.

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Gotanda Sta. is going in 3 minutes. It is in a very convenient location next to TSUTAYA. The Meguro River is very close. It has a luxurious entrance as well as functional in-house facilities. Units on higher floors offer excellent views.

High-rise apartment with fantastic views of Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge and Roppongi Hills. Pets welcome. 8 minutes from Shirokanedai Station. Here you will find everything you need to know about the basic types of home contents insurance and what you should consider before taking out home contents insurance.

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If you live in an HDB flat, only fire insurance is mandatory. However, it does not cover loss or damage to your home, household goods, personal valuables, and more. This is where household contents insurance comes in handy.

Home Insurance For Renters In Japan: How To Claim For Damages

This really depends on the type of residence you live in, your individual needs and your budget. You also have the option to add a driver for more comprehensive coverage. The best thing to do is compare household insurance policies yourself and benefit from our exclusive special offers and discounts!

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For further assistance, please contact us by email at Insurance_enquiry@ or call us on 3138 2648 between 9am and 6pm (Mon-Fri).

Homeowners insurance (also called homeowners insurance or homeowners insurance) is a type of property insurance that covers a home and helps pay for repairs or replacement of possessions if they are damaged by perils such as fire, vandalism, burglary, etc. It also covers accidental damage to another person’s property or injury to a visitor in your home.

Home insurance helps you manage risk by reducing the amount you have to pay out of pocket if something unexpected happens to your home. Home contents insurance protects your home against fire, loss or damage to the contents and also covers renovation work. Home contents insurance also offers you liability protection.

Home contents insurance covers the contents of your home if they are damaged or lost due to an insured peril. This could include:

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Household contents insurance usually also offers emergency help at home around the clock. Some plans offer more coverage than others, usually at an additional cost. For more information about the type of household contents you are covered for, see the FAQ below.

As long as you are servicing an HDB home loan in Singapore, it is mandatory to purchase and renew HDB fire insurance for your home. This HDB fire insurance covers repair costs in the event of a fire.

In addition to HDB fire insurance, it is also possible to legally own a home without home contents insurance. However,

Home Insurance For Renters In Japan: How To Claim For Damages

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