Fires And Home Value: The Role Of Insurance In Property Restoration

Fires And Home Value: The Role Of Insurance In Property Restoration – In September, more than 1.6 million people traveled to Massachusetts to attend The Big E, the nation’s only multi-state trade show representing all six New England states. For the first time at the Big E, attendees at the popular exhibit were able to experience side-by-side fire and sprinkler demonstrations in a home, witnessing first-hand the difference between a destructive flash in one room and automatic sprinkler protection in the other.

The States took turns hosting the flashover/sprinkler demonstration in a premium position at the fairgrounds behind the Avenue of the States. Drawing impressive crowds, the collaborative effort was bolstered by the support of the National Fire Sprinkler Association, which set up side-by-side display trailers.

Fires And Home Value: The Role Of Insurance In Property Restoration

Fires And Home Value: The Role Of Insurance In Property Restoration

Representatives from fire departments across the region volunteered to put out safe fires as part of each demo. State firefighters, members of the State Fire Sprinkler Coalition and other members of the New England Fire Department were also present. Those helpers were able to answer questions and noted that they heard many comments indicating that bystanders were surprised by how quickly the fire spread and how well the fire sprinklers controlled the flames.

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At each demonstration, after the fire was out and cooled, people were invited to look at the rooms up close to see for themselves the damage from an unprotected fire and compare how little damage there was to a sprinkler-protected room.

A special shout out to all the members of the fire service who volunteered their time to ensure home firearms were front and center at this great display. Their support helped raise awareness of the speed of house fires. And their role highlights the life-saving benefits when fire sprinklers are installed. No doubt people had a fun day at the fair; They also learned important information about fire safety and busted some stubborn myths before their eyes.

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Despite all the good things about fire sprinklers, potential buyers are likely to have heard inaccurate information about fire sprinklers and will be concerned about the wrong special effects they’ve seen in movies.

Fires And Home Value: The Role Of Insurance In Property Restoration

They are individually activated by the heat of the fire and 90% of fires are stopped with one sprinkler.

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Fire sprinklers protect the house 24 hours a day, automatically. Fire sprinklers are connected by a network of pipes, primarily strong, non-combustible plastic pipe, hidden behind walls and ceilings. Most fire protection systems operate from the domestic water main. When water pressure is a problem, the system is fed by a storage tank.

There are several types of fire sprinklers made for homes; Some for mounting on the wall, and some on the ceiling: some are covered with a plate. All residential fire sprinklers are much smaller and lower than the types of sprinklers used in commercial properties.

Each sprinkler has a temperature sensitive element. The sprinklers are activated individually when the temperature reaches 135-165 degrees. They control the fire until the fire department arrives.

Smoke, cooking fumes or steam do not trigger sprinklers – sprinklers only operate in response to high fire temperatures.

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Sprinklers require very little maintenance. It is essential that the water valve is turned on, so a simple visual check should be performed routinely to ensure that the valve is open. (It’s a good idea to keep the valve in the locked “off” position.) And periodically check the pipes and nozzles to make sure nothing is obstructing them.

All home sprinkler systems should have their water flow tested regularly. This is a simple test that a homeowner or fire contractor can perform. Fires, floods, severe storms, earthquakes and more are some of the most destructive forces that homeowners can contend with during their years in their home. Depending on where the home is located, damage from one particular type of event may be more likely than others, but all can damage a home. They can disrupt family life or even completely displace people for several months or longer. They can also cause very expensive damage and reduce the property value of the home. It’s understandable that homeowners in this situation want to get back to their normal lives without interruption. Moreover, homeowners want to restore their home’s property condition and value so that they are not financially affected by the impact of the event.

In the event of a fire, the first step in the recovery process is to assess the damage to the structural elements of the home. If the structure is intact and the main damage is the siding, you’re in good shape. This type of situation usually only occurs if the fire is confined to one room or section of the house.

Fires And Home Value: The Role Of Insurance In Property Restoration

Smoke and ash can cause significant damage to many areas of the home. Carpets, linens, and drapes retain the smell of smoke for weeks, sometimes months. Although the odor may eventually be eliminated, homeowners may simply want to replace these items.

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Drywall and ceilings may retain the smell of smoke, or may be stained with ash. Again, these surfaces can be cleaned and odors and stains treated. If there is extensive damage or staining to any sections of drywall, they should be replaced.

Non-porous surfaces are not necessarily immune to fire damage. Although many engineered wood floors are considered non-porous, fire can seriously damage them. Tile floors may not burn, but gravel can become very dirty and stained from ash. floor and sub-floor.

Flood damage restoration requires similar steps as fire restoration, but goes beyond mold preventative measures.

Carpets are at high risk of retaining moisture and bacteria, which can lead to mold problems. Disaster cleanup services will often remove as much water as possible from the flooded area, then take cleanup measures to air dry the home and affected surfaces. Certain circumstances require the carpet to be lifted and replaced. Depending on how long water sits in carpeted areas, carpet, upholstery and even sub-flooring can be damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced.

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Drywall and boards are often damaged. After drywall absorbs water and expands, sections may need to be cut out and destroyed. Fortunately, removing the entire drywall and ceiling may not be necessary. Sections of damaged drywall can be replaced and patched to appear uniform with other sections.

Drywall and ceilings that have not been submerged should be inspected for other signs of water damage or molding, but if they are not damaged, they can be left intact. When removing soaked drywall, it’s a good idea to inspect the wall structure for any rot or water damage.

Wood floors can suffer significant damage during a flood. If there are cracks in the floor seals, you may see areas of warping or staining. In some extreme cases, whole sections of the floor can be exposed and the tiles separated from each other. If there are visual indicators that the seal is damaged, the floor should be inspected to prevent mold problems down the road.

Fires And Home Value: The Role Of Insurance In Property Restoration

Tile should be waterproof in most cases, but if you are in any doubt about the tiling process, you may want to raise the floor for the sake of sub-flooring. Standing water can leave unwanted stains or slime on tile surfaces, but

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