Essay On Role Of Women In Society

Essay On Role Of Women In Society – Both men and women are constrained by the binary gender system. Men and women are labeled in society. Men are made to prove themselves in society. To show how strong they are and that more is expected of them than women. Society labels men as independent people. That they don’t need help from other people, especially women. In the binary system, the masculine side is valued while the feminist side is undervalued. The hierarchy favors men over women. Because of the foundation of hierarchy, men had dominance over women. Men were able to control and objectify women. Men can define their dominance over women and view them simply as sex toys.

In the hierarchy, women can do whatever they want, but it comes at a price. This means that they should behave like well-behaved women in society, they should depend on the privileges and power of men. In society, they still have to listen to men, even those who are not their husbands and fathers. Hierarchy not only favors men and devalues ​​feminism, it makes masculinity better than feminism. Masculinity has always been proven to be better than feminism. Society believed that only men could get jobs, make payments, give direct orders to others. Especially men who grew up in a higher class in society. It therefore creates a rift between feminism and masculinity. Women are able to make masculine features. Like work, clothes and activities. In some cases, women were able to lift 30 lbs, get government jobs, become doctors, nurses. The big job that women had was flight attendants on airplanes, but the downfall of that job was that once they turned 30, they were fired. They were only hired for their looks. But for men, they are only able to do manly things, and if women take over, they have to find something else that looks masculine.

Essay On Role Of Women In Society

Essay On Role Of Women In Society

In modern American society, men are encouraged to avoid femininity and women are strongly encouraged to embrace both femininity and masculinity. Women used three phenomena to help themselves. These phenomena are called Emphasized Femininity, Emphasized Sameness, and Gender Ambiguity. The emphasized femininity is that men have more power and resources than women. The sameness emphasized is when women try to be “one of the boys.” A way for women to gain more power as individuals and society. The last one is Gender Ambiguity. Gender ambiguity is when women alternate between emphasized femininity and emphasized sameness. Women typically use gender ambiguity because gender ambiguity includes both femininity and sameness when needed and culturally expected.

Role Of Men And Women In Society

The three examples helped women stand up and show that they can act and be like men. They proved that labels have no meaning and power over them. Women use all three to get what they want. Which was the ability to be “one of the guys” and get the power both as an individual and as a group. The biggest example that helped women embrace both femininity and masculinity was gender ambiguity. Gender ambiguity helped women to be something that was hard to achieve at the time. Because of gender ambiguity, women were able to gain power, respect, responsibility, and choice. They had a choice whether they wanted to have children and a family or to have a job and not have a family. It was a big change for women when they started getting what they were striving for.

Women make patriarchal bargains to maximize their autonomy to reduce sexism, androcentrism, and subservience. While men make deals to some extent within the male hierarchy. Women used gender ambiguity to prove they were “one of the boys.”

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Don’t know where to start? Give me your paper requirements and I will put you in touch with an academic expert. Feminism is a movement created after World War I by prominent feminists who believed that women’s role was greater than keeping and maintaining their homes. Some of the most famous feminists whose actions established progressive policies by giving women a voice were Charlotte P. Gilman and Margaret Sanger. These two activists took their message to the public and women by writing books, organizing rallies, and educating women when they had the time and opportunity. In fact, their work revolves around similar themes that revolve around feminism. First, the two authors in their books cover topics equal opportunities for men and women, for example, equal voting rights, economic opportunity, reproductive alternative, and freedom of expression (Foner 30).

Beliefs In Society: Aqa A Level Sociology Topic Essays (20 Marks)

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Both Sanger and Gilman then agree on the possibility of uplifting motherhood by creating a deliberate and intellectual birth control campaign. With such a plan, they change their plans, ensuring that they increase freedom. In such sentiments, they concluded that a woman would only be free when she had the strength and will to control her body (Sanger 4). Moreover, it is precisely when she is given the opportunity to solve her problems with motherhood that then equality in society will be achieved. Next, both articles mention the ideal economy, specifically the role of the law in ensuring equal employment opportunities for women (Gilman 70).

Referring to the law, they show that men and women should receive equal compensation for working hours. Ideally, these articles cover a progressive policy line and outlines what is currently being seen as women move into higher paying, leadership positions and have the right to make decisions about their motherhood, such as the use of contraceptives.

Essay On Role Of Women In Society

Historical chronology establishes progressivism as a reform movement that began in the late 19th century and ended in the early decades of the 20th century. During this period, issues related to economics, politics, and culture arose due to the changes that led to capitalism in the United States of America (Gilman 63). Moreover, the belief that this age established kingship strengthened the roots of liberalism, which were created as a fulfillment of individual ability, and also established the origins of constitutionalism (Sanger 1).

What Do We Know About The Lives Of Neanderthal Women?

The laws and policies celebrated today with the American community rooted in the struggles of activists like Gilman and Margaret. These individuals saw and witnessed events related to racial discrimination, gender inequality, and certain roles between women and men (Gilman 63). With the ambition to establish progressivism and free women from their absurd roles in the community, they initiated a rebellious movement where ladies were against sexual slavery as a means of liberating motherhood (Sanger 5).

Using the theory of social Darwinism, Gilman and Sanger discuss the idea of ​​women changing their social identity. Moreover, their main claim reflects the integrity of women as dependent beings, specifically vis-à-vis their male counterparts (Foner 64). Furthermore, their progressive idea also shows the element of women becoming debtors and the only way to pay back is by ensuring that they fulfill their domestic duties according to social norms (Gilman 65). Firstly, women’s role in society is to help men as they are inferior beings. At the same time, they defined women as beings controlled by man-made laws that ensured that men maintained social, economic, and political power (Sanger 3). In such situations, women are left behind because their duties increase the sacrifices for the family to ensure the success of men, for example, employment opportunities for women are minimal and at the same time the pay is poor (Gilman 66). Gilman and Sanger emphasize that women should improve their personality and strive for creative development and growth.

Reproduction is also a norm discussed by authors and scholars. Ideally, the social class between rich and poor is based on the number of children per family and compares it to the economic status of those families (Sanger 6). First, Gilman asserts that the social ration of children among the rich and the poor is not equal because the poor reproduce at a higher rate than the rich (69). Furthermore, Sanger illustrates that the higher reproductive system among the poor is directly related to economic levels, as they lack the ability to care for these children.

Also, landowners liked the idea of ​​high reproductive systems because the more children there were, the greater the number of workers on the farmland (Sanger 9). The movement to elevate motherhood led to much controversy, especially as it challenged the position of men in the community (Sanger 3). For example, fewer children meant that production levels fell; thus reducing profit levels. However, during the rule of progressivism, rights were granted to children; therefore, causing the parents to come out to look after and provide for them.

Society And Culture

In conclusion, Sanger and Gilman accept the idea that women are of great importance in community building. Unfortunately, after the First World War, women did not

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