Best Way To Ship Books Across Country

Best Way To Ship Books Across Country – We’ve all been there. You drank too much Strong Zero 9%, bought four kimonos, a Totoro fan for everyone, including your best friend’s uncle, and every single flavor of KitKat. Now you’ve ended up with way more than your baggage allowance allows.

Sending things home while traveling abroad can be quite confusing, especially when you don’t speak the language. But fear not! We’ve done the research so you don’t have to and put together a guide to help you save money.

Best Way To Ship Books Across Country

Best Way To Ship Books Across Country

Deciding on the best service for your luggage is mostly a simple trade-off between speed and budget.

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Recognizably Japan Post sites can be found all over the country. If speed isn’t your concern, you can ship items incredibly cheaply. The prices for shipping to the US, Canada, Europe and Oceania are considered the same, which means less confusion if you’re sending stuff to your house in London and your aunt in California.

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Notes: Documents such as invoices are available in English but staff may not speak English, especially at Japan Post Offices away from tourist areas, so we recommend going in with a Japanese speaker.

Some post offices in Japan do not have EMS service, so remember to check the website before entering.

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Of course Fedex and DHL are a thing in Japan and if you have an account with them, go for it. It is much cheaper to use a local delivery service. In Japan, the most accessible local courier is Yamato Transport (formerly known as Kuroneko Yamato).

Yamato Transport’s distinctive Black Cat logo can be found up and down the country. Their international delivery service AKA TA-Q-BIN is fully available in English and they can deliver wherever you are picking up.

The Yamato website is very user-friendly and provides helpful instructions on how to pack, arrange delivery and see your items. Pick up is not required and you can save 100 yen by going into one of their many convenient locations. If you realize you’ve overpacked at the last minute, they have stations at most airports too.

Best Way To Ship Books Across Country

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Nothing like packing and arranging everything only for the courier to turn you away. Items such as fresh food, perfumes and cacti cannot be shipped overseas, so be sure to check before you pack. Others such as frozen or refrigerated products may require special service.

Check how to pack your items. Japan can be pretty strict about how to pack things so it might be worth buying a proper box. Write down what you’ve packed – directly on the bill if possible.

With Japan Post, you have to go there. Many are only open on weekdays so check before you go in!

Yamato Transport will have the option to pick up from a specific address. Otherwise, save money and skip it.

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Done! Once you’ve filled out the bill, paid, and marveled at how carefully they handle your items, wave them off and prepare to see them again around the world.

There are many things you cannot send and they refuse to send a package if you have declared something prohibited.

Yes, we know your sister really wanted the Hello Kitty candy perfume, but the pink glitter lipstick is just as good. Full list of prohibited items here.

Best Way To Ship Books Across Country

Packing: If you can pack as tightly as possible, you can save a lot. Yamato, for example, bases their prices first on box size and then on weight. The size up from the intermediate range of 10 kg costs an additional ¥7,000! Here’s a handy guide on how to measure. Did you enjoy this article? Join the tens of thousands who receive the latest from the blog by email every other week.

Best Shipping Rates: How To Calculate Delivery Costs

Big products, big problems – right? Heavy oversized packages and oversized shipping can seem like a bit of a pain, but there are plenty of carriers that offer fast and easy shipping for even the largest and bulkiest items or peace of mind for the business owner.

By comparing the pros and cons of various carriers, you can find out which shipping solution is best for your business.

There are some big players in the heavyweight and oversized sailing game. Each offers at least one good option for certain types of packages, but not all are cost-effective shipping options.

Picking the right one can be the difference between wearing red or black, so read on to see which ones offer the right mix for you.

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However, while carriers/carriers that cater to smaller businesses and individual customers publicly disclose their rates (USPS, UPS, FedEx), carriers that work with larger companies on a larger scale tend not to publicly disclose their rates (FedEx Freight, DHL).

If your product is large enough and plentiful enough, it will almost always be cheaper to use freight than parcel, so it’s always worth getting the price for freight.

Priority Mail has weight limits of 70 pounds for all sizes, from a small envelope to a large box, but the largest size they offer is approximately 1 foot by 1 foot by 6 inches. Prices range from $6.95 for the small envelope to $17.60 for the large box.

Best Way To Ship Books Across Country

It’s a great option for small to medium sized items that are compact and heavy and don’t have a huge rush to get to the customer – although it’s worth noting that 1-3 days is still pretty good.

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Priority Mail Express is a great option if you need to get your package to its destination as quickly as possible. Packages under 70 pounds ship from $22.50, but that’s the price for the fixed shipping envelope, so it goes up a bit from there.

If your item is heavy and can be squeezed into the fixed envelope, this is the cheapest option for you. If it’s bigger, you might have better luck with another carrier.

Media Mail is for a very small niche of USPS customers. If you send any kind of media (books, CDs, DVDs) you can do it much cheaper than you can anywhere else using Media Mail.

However, do not abuse the system, because if the USPS inspects your package and finds that you have broken the rules (which they have the right to do), they will return the package to you for insufficient postage.

Usps Media Mail: The Cheapest Way To Ship Books

If you’re shipping media that’s a bit heavy, you’re in luck, because you won’t get a better price anywhere else.

If your item is too large for a large flat rate box via Priority Mail, retail ground shipping will be for you.

The weight limit is still 70 pounds, but it’s meant for items that are too big for Priority Mail boxes. However, as you can see, the delivery time is much slower.

Best Way To Ship Books Across Country

Also, prices are calculated by zone and weight – if you’re going to zone 4, for example, prices range from $8 to $67, depending on how much it weighs.

Shipping Heavy Items: Cheap & Best Carriers Compared

If you’re not in a rush, it’s worth plugging in your numbers to see if it’s a good match for the price.

They have a less predictable delivery time, but a more inclusive weight limit of 150 pounds, and sizes up to 108 inches long and 165 inches long plus girth.

If your packages are larger and/or heavier than the USPS allows for in the flat rate, FedEx Ground can be a great option.

FedEx shipping rates vary too much by region and size to provide a good selection, but if you’re shipping a pallet of heavy packages, this is where you want to start.

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Priority is given to faster delivery over efficiency, of course, and both are calculated based on the total weight and size of your pallet.

When you have a large number of shipped packages and/or rather heavy packages overall, this can be a much cheaper option than sending the packages individually.

DHL owns, co-owns or partners with several different airlines around the world. It offers airfreight services where your freight is added to various scheduled flights on major routes, and it offers door-to-door delivery (as well as airport-to-door or door-to-airport).

Best Way To Ship Books Across Country

Like all other carriers, it offers options for how fast you need to ship your item, from Air Express (1-2 days) to Air Economy (5-7 days), and it even offers special cargo options , temperature-controlled environment , and day-specific international shipping.

Domestic Shipping 101: Carriers, Rates, & Speed [2022]

Very similar to the airfreight option, DHL offers a sea freight service that transports cargo internationally using various sea freight vessels.

They offer Full Container (FCL) and Less Than Container (LCL), and a similar range of special options, such as temperature-controlled areas and even liquid transport.

The bottom line is that there are shipping options for when your cargo is too heavy, large, or bulky to get a good price with parcel shipping. It makes more sense to ship it by pallet or container, because

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