Preparing For Fire Season: Home Insurance Checklist

Preparing For Fire Season: Home Insurance Checklist – Anyone who’s seen a sudden hail storm happen or lives in “hail alley” knows hail season is no joke. Storms have a reputation for appearing uninvited, but writer Alan Lanekin famously said, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something now.” left.

Being proactive is one of the pillars of . We wanted to get some expert input ahead of hail season. Our Justin Kubicek, Senior Claims Manager, has been in the insurance industry for 21 years and was one of the first insurance professionals hired and unanimously selected. He spent his entire life in the great state of Texas, and it’s safe to say he’s seen “almost” everything, especially when it comes to hail.

Preparing For Fire Season: Home Insurance Checklist

Preparing For Fire Season: Home Insurance Checklist

Justin, who graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in communications, says he’s kind of stepped into the insurance industry. He explains in unmistakably Texan chatter. “One of my favorite things to do is help people. I really want to be able to help anyone in need, whether it’s an animal or a human being.” acquired the ability to communicate and respond professionally to the public. In the complex industry of insurance, he quickly realized that he could serve the customers he considers to be his next-door neighbors.

Fire Safety And Prevention: Tips And Guidelines

“The unusual hail storm was the first claim I had to go in person to fix, and well, that was stupid!” He explained that the hail had fallen at such a strong angle that windows were cracking everywhere and the sides of most houses that used vinyl or aluminum siding seemed to break. They got hit with thousands of golf balls, and that’s what they had.

Being able to help people get well again after something so tragic happened was a deciding factor for Justin.

Hail seasons continue to break records for the amount of damage they cause over the past few years. According to NOAA National Weather Service records, Texas had a record number of 872 hail storms in 2019 (which is a 71% increase from 2018).

The hail season starts in early spring and May is the most damaging month. In May 2020, a golf-ball-sized hailstorm caused $1.4 billion in damage in South Texas, according to NOAA. So being as aggressive as possible during hail season can make a big difference as to whether you file a claim, Kubicek said.

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You can’t talk about hail season without talking about roofs. Roofs slowly cause significant damage throughout the year. Although it appears to have some pockmarked shingles on the surface, it may actually be an exposed layer of asphalt underneath. This can loosen the bond between the asphalt layer and the remaining granules, causing the shingles to expand and contract after high summer temperatures, further damaging the damaged area. In winter, shingles that are damaged in the cold can crack and open holes that allow water to leak into the roof, making them prone to peeling off in strong winds.

Next, you should carefully inspect the rest of your property. As you walk around your home, what could be harmed if an average hailstone (1 inch, golf ball size) flew at 20 mph or more toward an unprotected object? Start evaluating what you have. “Usually people only think about their cars,” Justin begins. “But think about all the personal belongings that are exposed in the front or backyard of your home. They should at least be covered and preferably sealed, hail can fall diagonally or bounce and damage items under cover. Therefore, sealed conditions are best, especially for luxury goods.”

If so, take a look at your home insurance. If your policy looks like his 1982 VTR instructions, call your insurance agent and ask them directly.

Preparing For Fire Season: Home Insurance Checklist

Please refer. Check out our quick pre-season checklist. Learn more about preparing for hail season here.

Disaster Supply Kit Checklist

Preparing for post-storm responsibilities is equally important. Make sure the storm is over first. Don’t be confused if the weather is lulling. Pay attention to the latest weather information and wait until the coast clears up. Once cleared, you may be wondering what comes next.

Now is the time to assess the damage done. Walk around the property and outside to check for new damage. Don’t forget to take pictures and notes along the way. Justin points out not to forget hard-to-see areas like inside gutters, skylights, basements and basements. Check for broken glass or water leaks, cover and carefully clean any openings that may have been caused by hail to prevent further water or wind damage, but may be required for insurance claim records Do not dispose of anything yet, because

I also created a quick post-storm checklist. You can find it below. Click here for more information after the hail storm.

Then determine if the damage is worth an insurance claim. The standard protocol is to make a claim when the damage amount exceeds the home insurance deductible. “The sooner the better,” is Justin’s advice. “And she works with her network of vetted vendors to repair damage quickly.”

Hurricane Season 2022

The Preferred Partner Network is a series of reputable contractors who not only provide quality work and materials, but have experienced his high expectations for customer service and quality of work.

We recognize that submitting an insurance claim is not part of your daily routine, so when you call to submit an insurance claim, you will be assigned a Claims Concierge. This is a position expressly designed by us to ensure that we provide the highest level of empathy and customer care when our customers need it most. The Claims Concierge is your customer’s single point of contact from start to finish. They guide customers through the process, provide information, and answer questions. The Claims Concierge assists everyone involved in claims, including inspectors and other service providers, to keep the process running and provide real-time updates to customers. He is also the person responsible for working with this network of vendor partners to ensure that our preferred partner network provides enhanced service and warranties to deliver the best possible results for our customers.

We are here to make your billing process as quick and smooth as possible, and as transparent as possible. Our Billing Statement can be found here.

Preparing For Fire Season: Home Insurance Checklist

When asked what sets him apart from others, Justin, who has worked for some of the biggest companies, pointed out that nothing is more important to the customer than anything else. “When we were just starting out and the team was just five or six people, I asked how many customers there were in a large area that was reported to have record-breaking hail storms the next day or so. I remember, remember our policy numbers, we had 1,585 people, we had to do everything we could to prepare our customers for the coming storm and our team for the aftermath. It’s been a week of long days and long nights, but I’m so proud of our team and what we did for our customers.”

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A hail storm can be tricky and we didn’t want to leave anything behind, so when asked if he had any advice at the end, Justin said, Don’t forget pets! See where they are and take them there before the storm hits. ”

Jessica Holcombe 2022 Homeowner Preparedness Report: Supply Her Chain Issues and the Impact of Inflation on Homeowners and Their Responsibilities Fire season preparation is an annual necessity. But as more people migrate to rural areas such as forests, meadows and mountainous areas, wildfire preparedness and awareness are paramount. Often, especially new homeowners, some may not be very familiar with wildfire risks in their new environment. Given the lack of awareness and preparedness, and the increased wildfire risk that the United States experiences each New Year, it’s important to brush up on what you can do to prepare before, during, and after the wildfire season.

Has many insurance professionals who first helped homeowners who had just experienced a catastrophe on the ground. We wanted advice and insight from experts who have helped many customers through the devastating experience of wildfires. Meet Abby Stambo in person.

Our current Senior Claims Adjusters do not come from the insurance industry, but have developed a reputation as dedicated employees with great talent for customer service. During Hurricane Harvey

U.s. Wildfire Statistics

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